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12VDC Shrimp pond machine

Host parameters DC speed regulation
Type XT
Use voltage DC12V
Motor power 10-16W
Rotary speed 500-1400r/min
Feeding distance 3-12m
Feeding area 30-140㎡
Box capacity 80kg
Feeding amount 300kg/h
Total weight 21kg
size 56*56*83
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1. Turn on power 3 seconds ,check voltage of battery,indicator of power resource “red lamp” light.(Often light then voltage of battery is normal,if indicator red lamp flash,then voltage of battery is low, need to charge battery as quick as you could.When voltage of battery is lower than 9.5 V,this controller will enter protection mode that excessive discharge ,automatic turn off ,no way start to work.)

2. After turning on power resource 3 seconds,under mode of no starting,if indicator of work “green lamp” flash ,then illustrate voltage of batter is too high (voltage of battery is larger than DC16V),in order to protect battery and motor ,will no way start to work ; At this time should check battery whether right,whether is 12V battery!(Voltage of battery of this controller ,its normal scope is DC9.5-16V)

3. Turn on power resource ,indicator of power resource “red lamp” light normally,push“ON”key, motor 1 second speed up to start ,after that recovery automatically to set speed,enter normal work mode.(suggest when ON put feeding area and vibration knob adjust to smaller ,decrease starting load.).

4. Adjust “Intermission”,”Feed”,”Vibration” and “Feeding area”corresponding knob set corresponding data that suitable to self。

5. If needing “Timing” to feed ,only adjust knob to corresponding time then OK.It is time ,this machine will stop to work automatically;

6. If no need “Timing”,only need that adjust timing knob to “Often-off” point correspond place,push “ON” key then OK;

7. In any mode ,if needing to stop feeding ,only need push “OFF” then OK.

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