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Three package feed governor feeding machine

Host parameters 150speed governing
Type 150TS
Frequency 50HZ
Use voltage 220V/AC
Motor power 150W
Total power 180W
Feeding distance 5-15m
Feeding area 30-300㎡
Box capacity 120kg
Feeding amount 500kg/h
Total weight 22kg
Outline dimension 56*56*106cm
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 Use instruction of controller:   
 Name:knob timing/governor controller( Adopt machine type:T120T,T150T,T150TS)
 Instruction of function: 
   This style T series governor controller adopt industrial class micro-computer IC, work stable,operate simple,safety and reliable.Feeding time intermission,feeding time,vibration great or small and feeding area can part adjust, there are functions that can timing ON,Often-on,automatic OFF and no material 3 minutes intelligence automatically stop. 
1. Turn on electricity,push ”ON” key,power indicator”Red indicator” light.
2. Adjust “Intermission”,”Feed”,”Vibration” and “Feeding Area” knob set suitable feeding mode.
3. If needing “Timing”feed,only need to adjust timing knob to corresponding time value then OK.After reaching timing time,this machine will stop work automatically.
4. If don’t need “Timing”feed,,only need to adjust timing knob to “Often-on”correspond point then OK.After feeding finish ,this machine will stop work automatically;
5. In feeding process if feeding finish, 3 minutes will stop automatically;If needing continue to feed ,only need add material then push “ON” key,then can start to continue feeding.
6. In any mode ,if need to stop feeding ,only push “OFF” key then OK.

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